Adidas Hybrid Boxing Glove 16oz Gold - Thai/Kickboxing

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The Hybrid 100 is ideal with its very interesting price for a very good glove. The padding of the glove consists of multiple foam layers. This provides extra comfort and protection. The velcro closure is semi-elastic so you can put it extra tight to protect your wrists.

Because of the anatomically pre-formed model, your punches are fast and hard. The PU material is of high quality and has a beautiful strikingly design.These (kick)boxing gloves are suitable for beginners and advanced.

For which martial artist are the Adidas Hybrid 100 (Kick) Boxing gloves suitable?

The glove is suitable for amateurs who want top quality with the latest technologies. These Adidas gloves are suitable for thai/kickboxing and original boxing.

In what sizes are the Adidas Hybrid 100 (Kick)Boxing Gloves available?

The Adidas Hybrid 100 is available in sizes:

  • 10 oz
  • 12 oz
  • 14 oz
  • 16 oz

What size / weight gloves do I need?

To determine the correct size/weight of your gloves keep the schedule below:
38 - 55 kg 10 oz
65 - 85 kg 14 oz
55 - 65 kg 12 oz
 85kg 16 oz

During matches their is usually fought with 10 oz. Want to train harder and more weight on your arms, you take one size bigger/heavier.

Benefits of the Adidas Hybrid 100 (Kick) boxing gloves:

  • Highest quality PU
  • Protective sturdy padding from multiple layers
  • Anatomically shaped for fist
  • Absorption of impacts for extra comfort
  • Suitable for amateur


Always use train bandages or inner gloves for reinforcement and protection of the hands.