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Shoe Care- Clean-Up


• shoe cleaner with sponge-brush applicator
• contains active cleansing agents, removes
stubborn deposits from sports and leisure
• suitable for any material – except sensitive
soft, metallic finish or patent leathers
Application: Remove coarse dirt and massage
the cleaner into the leather in circular
movements and wipe off any excess foam.
Afterwards rinse out under running water

Shoe Care- Re-Fresh

- Powerful shoe deodorant against odour
- sprays a pleasant scent
- fits perfectly into any sports holdall
Application: Take any removable insoles out
of your shoes and position the deodorant in
your shoe with the nozzle facing down, then
press from above; leave to dry

Shoe Care- Stop H2O 

• powerful waterproofing agent with sponge
applicator; repels water, helps keep dirt
from sticking to your shoes
• also suitable for indoor use – no spray
• suitable for any fabric
Application: Remove coarse dirt and spread
the waterproofing agent evenly
applying gentle pressure. Then leave to dry

Shoe Care-Take Care

• shoe polish with natural ingredients such
as beeswax, shea butter and almond oil
• provides care and nutrients to leather
sports shoes, preserves the natural character
of the material
Application: Remove coarse dirt and apply the
care product onto a soft cloth and apply the
product sparingly onto the leather. Leave to
dry and then buff off