Bowls wax GRIPPO Polish Tube by Henselite 40 grams

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Henselite Grippo Tubes: Bowls Polish


Bowls World sell a variety of indoor and outdoor bowls, clothing, and accessories, including a range of bowls polishes such as Henselite Grippo Tubes, which is the most popular bowls polish product worldwide.

We also sell Crackajack Tubs, Taylor Grip Wax and Champion Spray Grip/Polish to bowls players throughout the UK and globally.

Bowls are expensive products that can cost anywhere between £130 to £250 to buy new, so it is important to look after them. If you keep your bowls clean and polished it will help improve your game.

This is because a bowl that is well maintained and cared for preserves its running surface and you will be able to sell it on for a better price if you want to change your bowl or upgrade to the latest model in the future.

Grippo bowls polish, or one of the other makes we stock, will not only give your bowls a shiny surface, but it will also improve your grip and the control of the bowl.

So with bowls polish, such as Henselite Grippo Tubes or Tubs, it means you can perform better in all occasions – at club, regional or even national and international level!