Joma Mens Titanium 903 Navy and Green Trainers

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The Titanium trainers are geared towards runners of average weight, from 75kg. For use in daily training. Its main characteristics are stability, cushioning and grip. With a neutral footprint, for races from 4 minutes/km. The front part of the upper is made up of seamless pieces so that there is no possibility of friction on the interior of the shoe. The Phylon insole has been tested to run hundreds of km without losing its density or interior cushioning at any point. The EVA inner sole reinforces the cushioning, forming a unique combination with the upper part. The sole consists of two pieces of phylon: a less dense white piece which cushions from the back to the front and a harder blue piece at the back to stabilize the tread. There are two types of rubber: a harder one in the back for landing and a softer one in the front to provide added comfort. There are also flexion lines in the front which allow the trainers to bend normally. In the rubber part of the front there are studs designed to create more cushioning. In size 41, these training shoes weigh only 270g, making this a really lightweight trainer.