Joma R. Victory MENS 811 Running Trainers

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An average intensity shoe with good cushioning. Aimed at mid weight runners. It is characterised by its lightness. You put in the effort, and she will look after your legs . 
Sport shoe with 10 DROP. Weight: 286 gr. Neutral foot strike. 
Upper manufactured using breathable nylon and micro PU. VTS ventilation system allowing breathability and greater airflow within the shoe. The upper features as well the SPORTECH system, which injects rubber in this piece preventing seams and other rigid materials in the shoe’s upper area. It provides lightness, comfort, greater flexibility and an improved fit to the foot. Its thickness is variable depending on the protection and toughness required by each area. It is made without inside seams favouring complete adjustment to the foot, 360 system, making it a very comfortable and light model. The upper includes reinforcements to enhance its toughness, a stiffener at the heel providing better protection and greater comfort thanks to the last's more ergonomic shape, FIX COUNTER system. 
It features a lining insole made of thermoformed EVA that fits perfectly with the foot, contributing to the shoe's cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact. Natural EVA insole sew to the upper. 
A dual half sole made of high and low density phylon optimising cushioning and stabilising foot strike. The Victory model includes BLOW UP technology that improves tread’s momentum and improves cushioning due to its inner construction in form of bubbles. 
Rubber sole with FLEXO technology, consisting of ergonomically designed sole’s lines providing enhanced transition from heel to toe at every step. At the heel it only allows the sole to flex, without affecting the upper, thus providing a better grip and allowing for a more natural and comfortable tread.