Smell well odour eliminatier for shoes and kitbags, absorbs moisture

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Smell well

Products that use strong perfumes only hide the smell for the moment; it’s important to actually deal with the problem and eliminate it. Sometimes it can even smell worse when you combine a perfume with existing mold and mildew and it doesn’t do anything about the moisture either. That why SmellWell was created. We weren’t satisfied with the results of those products that existed on the market.

SmellWell is all about having a simple, fun and effective solution that deals with the problem, not just an attempt to hide it. SmellWell is a fun, positive product specifically designed to deal with bad odor, and it works! – Ammi Schaffler, CEO of SmellWell.

Colorful and environmentally friendly

SmellWell is available in numerous colors and patterns and works great on everything from shoes, athletic equipment, boots, work wear, sports bags, shin guards and gloves. SmellWell has undergone an extensive reach test showing that it is free from hazardous chemicals, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly. An extended test has also been done to guarantee that the inks used to print the outer bag are approved.

Product lifetime – each pair lasts up to 3 months.