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Srixon Distance Golf Balls (3 Pack)

Srixon Distance Golf Balls (3 Pack)

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This 2-piece golf ball has been designed to maximize distance, with a durable aerodynamic cover that helps to carry your shots even longer over and over again.

The Srixon Balls Feature:

  • FastLayer Core
  • 324 Dimple Pattern
  • Durable Ionomer Cover
  • 2-Piece Construction

FastLayer Core

An advanced core has been constructed with an inner softer core formulation that gradually gets harder towards the outer edges. This design gives the ball a softer feel and generates more ball speed for long-distance performance.

324 Dimple Pattern

The cover has been designed with a 324 dimple pattern, this aerodynamic pattern helps to reduce drag for a more penetrating flight, cutting through the air to give extra distance on full shots.

Durable Ionomer Cover

This ionomer golf ball cover provides ample control around the green, it's highly resilient too for performance shot after shot
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