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Vulkan Wrist Long Support (3014)

Vulkan Wrist Long Support (3014)

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  • Helps relieve swelling.
  • Provides uniform support and compression.
  • Indicated for light sprains, strains and rheumatism.
  • Covers wrist and palm of hand.

The Vulkan Wrist Support is designed by leading experts in sports and orthopaedic medicine.

It helps promote healing, relieve discomfort and stabilise the wrist, while maximising air flow.

It can also be used for injury prevention while engaged in sports or activities, or for relieving general aches and pains.

The close fit and strong material provides the right balance of compression and comfort.

With a Neoprene construction, the Vulcan Wrist Support is tough yet flexible and offers optimum support and long lasting quality.

Ideal for light sprains, strains or the symptoms of rheumatism, this wrist support helps you get back to full fitness more quickly.

SIZE GUIDE: Circumference of wrist

X Small: 11-13cm

Small: 13-16cm 

Medium: 16-19cm 

Large: 19-22cm 

Extra large: 22-25cm 

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