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D3 k6.0 Kinesiology tape (50mm x 6m)

D3 k6.0 Kinesiology tape (50mm x 6m)

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K6.0 kinesiology is an elastic cotton blend, acrylic coated, latex-free tape. It helps take pressure off overused muscles, reduce swelling and alleviate pain from injuries.

K6.0 kinesiology tape from D3 is an elastic cotton blend acrylic coated latex-free bandage used primarily to lessen the burden on muscles, preventing them from becoming overused or swollen. This is also the world's first 6m length kinesiology tape.

The kinesiology tape helps to remove pain from injuries and acts as a second layer of skin to support tired muscles, working with your skin to increase blood flow and speed up healing in applied areas. Applicable to all areas of your body, the tape is highly versatile and can be worn before, during and after a range of sports. In most cases, the tape is worn during the sporting activity but can be worn as a recovery aid or left on during the night as you sleep.

Constructed from supreme cotton, the tape is designed to replicate your skin and adding durability to a potentially weak or susceptible area. A non pre-cut roll helps you maximise the tape, allowing full use and gaining the full amount of stretch the tape provides. The tape contains an elasticity rating of +1:2.

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