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Gray Nicolls

Gray Nicolls Harrow Powerbow 6X 100 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Harrow Powerbow 6X 100 Cricket Bat

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Fresh whites? Check. Clean boots? Check. Tucked in? Check. You're almost there. Your look is almost complete. Ready to do battle against your arch enemy, you need a cricket bat that can fight fire with fire, but ensures you look darn good doing it. It needs to be classy, simple, supreme. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce the Powerbow6X 100.

They call them classics for a reason, and therefore we just had to keep Powerbow in our new range. It's a favourite for old and new, and believe the latest iteration is our best yet. It stays true to the original, with some modern touches.

Its main trait, as ever, is the low middle. We've worked harder than ever on the Powerbow6X 100 to ensure we got the middle in just the right place to suit front foot players while leaving enough wood elsewhere for all batters.

Feathering of the toe on the Powerbow6X was an essential element of the bat making process when developing the cricket bat. To keep the bat's pick-up and balance perfect, weight was taken from the very bottom of the blade, essentially making the heaviest bat in the collection feel like a mid-weight masterpiece. The same craftsmanship goes into the size 4 Powerbow6X 100 as the short handle, so you can be confident that whomever the bat is for, it will perform superbly.

We feel that the Powerbow6X aesthetic is the perfect combination of our Classic ranges timeless feel and our Test range's contemporary yet classy look. Subtle white and silver stickers adorn the back of the blade, tapering towards the toe from a strong spine. Meanwhile, vivid jolts of volt green bring the bat into overdrive and deliver it straight into the T20 era.

In huge news, Alastair Cook will be returning to the Powerbow family. England's record run scorer made his England debut with the original version of the, scoring a century. Now – 12,000 runs later – he's back with Powerbow6X.

The Powerbow6X is the result of exhaustive testing and refining from our master bat makers who have worked tirelessly to produce a bat that will stand up to the rigours of the modern game. Shaped with input from the likes of Karun Nair, the Powerbow6X promises to be one of our great designs ever.

Made from English willow, grown and felled around Robertsbridge, East Sussex, every Powerbow6X cricket bat will be quality checked by our bat pickers in the bat cave before making its way to you.

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