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Vulkan Calf Support (3007) Support

Vulkan Calf Support (3007) Support

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The Vulkan Calf & Shin Support is recommended for helping to control strains of the upper or lower calf muscles. This one piece support is made of neoprene, and provides support and compression to the calf, shin and achilles. The Vulkan Calf & Shin Support can be used following a calf or shin injury, as well as during walking, hiking or other sporting activities to help improve circulation to strengthen the area and promote tissue repair. It can help to provide effective support and rehabilitation where there is local bruising, tenderness, swelling and/or discomfort.

SIZE GUIDE: circumference of the calf

SMALL - 30 - 34 CM

MEDIUM - 34 - 38 CM

LARGE - 38 - 42 CM

X-LARGE - 42 - 46 CM

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